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Two Members Leave Chiodos

Drummer Derek Frost and bassist Matt Goddard have decided to leave Chiodos. You can read a statement from the band after the jump. Chiodos unexpectedly dropped off of their co-headlining tour with Blessthefall this summer. The band will be touring this fall on the with A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon. The two will be replaced by Thomas Ridgen of the Mars Volta on drums and Joe Troy of the RX Bandits on bass. To hear more of Chiodos, you can purchase a CD here and buy…

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LIVE REVIEW: The Sound of Animals Fighting, Philadelphia, PA

The Sound of Animals Fighting really seem like more of a prog-rock/post-hardcore circus than an experimental rock supergroup.  As I stood pressed up against the front row of slackers, I recognized the guitar-tech/stage-hand to be Peace’d Out’s bassist.  And let me tell you something, when the guy taping down setlists and strategically placing bottles of water on stage is a more talented bassist than most, you can only imagine how mind-blowing the actual band is about to be.  Before the show, the sound guy is playing rounds of Jawbreaker hits…

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SHOW REVIEW: Brian Marquis

I have this overwhelming fear of writing reviews. Interviewing artists? No sweat. But watching them play and then writing about it strikes a fear into this little heart of mine that rivals the sinking feeling in my stomach when I can’t see my kid on the playground. What if they’re awful? What if I can’t find a single good thing to say about them and every artist I’ve ever respected reads that one review and now no one will ever talk to me? See? It’s terrifying. The only thing that…

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INTERVIEW: Brian Marquis

Situated beneath the town’s mascot Tilly, Asbury Park’s Wonderbar is a favorite venue for locals and benny’s as well (that’s a tourist for those of you not in the know). As with the rest of the shore town, it’s got a not so secret soft spot for The Boss, but lately it’s been playing host to new acts that are just as talented. Tonight its guests are Brian Marquis and the rest of the Acoustic Basement Tour. Before the show I met up with Brian and discussed his upcoming album,…

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The Recent Reunion Resurgence & Our Nostalgia Obsession

Nostalgia is strange, and in the current hip culture of 2014 it’s even more bizarre than it used to be.  Now I don’t mean to be nostalgic about nostalgia, but there used to be a time when nostalgic things that we joyously reminisced about stayed in the past, exactly where we remembered them just as we remembered them; all perfect and cleaned up by years of misremembering—and most importantly, in the past.  But recently, we seem to have this fascination with all things ‘90s or vintage and relating to our…

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RX Bandits Cover Weezer

As you may know by now, RX Bandits are releasing a five song cover EP, one track per week leading up to the 10-year-anniversary of their album The Resignation. The third song on this EP is a cover of Weezer’s song, “Surf Wax America,” and while it is not available for purchase or download yet, the song is currently streaming on AbsolutePunk. View tour dates and buy concert tickets here. Read a quote from RX guitarist, Steve Choi, about the cover song after the jump.  Please follow and like us:

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