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How To Fall In Love With Your Own Lyrics

People sometimes ask me, “Do you consider your lyrics to be poetry?”  I always reply, “I’m not trying to write poetry; I’m trying to write words I mean.”  The truth is, there isn’t really any difference between lyrics and poetry. There’s only a difference between words written with care and words written carelessly. People sometimes ask, “Who even listens to lyrics anymore?”  The answer is: Everyone who sings them.  If you’re a performing songwriter, singing your own words night after night, your ability to love your lyrics is a part…

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Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) Posts Emotional Letter

Right before heading out on a new tour, Randy Blythe has posted a long and emotional letter to fans. Check it out after the jump.  Please follow and like us:

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Album Review: Motion City Soundtrack ‘Making Moves’

There are certain artists who seem to almost never disappoint with a piece of music. Those are the artists whose albums it’s easy to approach with reckless abandon; no second-guessing, “What if it isn’t as good as I want it to be?” In another display of brilliant artistry, Motion City Soundtrack has proven that they are part of that select group. On Making Moves, it’s impossible to avoid becoming entranced by the sound the band projects. Pierre’s vocals, as usual, are seemingly flawless, even when he’s bitterly singing curse words…

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