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LIVE REVIEW: Z100 Boolandia Festival With Mary Lambert And Ingrid Michaelson Alhambra Theatre, Portland OR

In just a five song set each, Mary Lambert and Ingrid Michaelson give the audience at Alhambra Theatre a wonderful, funny and moving performance. Lambert is giggly, a child at heart and completely honest about everything. She opens her heart to us with every story, every song, and every spoken word piece. In one story she explains how interviewers take advantage of her emotional honesty by asking her about her rape. She overflows with so much raw emotion, it’s impossible not to crying along with her, and she cries a…

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GUEST BLOG: Lucas Silveira Of The Cliks

There’s no way to get around this so I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m a man who used to be a woman. Some people call me transgender. You can call me Lucas. I started a band in 2004 called The Cliks when I was still a woman because I grew tired of being called ‘female singer song-writer’. I found it condescending. I wanted gender forever removed from my musical identity. Ironically, it was becoming The Cliks that led to me to begin truly confronting my gender. Music…

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