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Band Scams Spotify For $20,000

Recently the band Vulfpeck found a way to scam $20,00 from the popular music streaming site, Spotify. The band has an album titled Sleepify that is completely silent. The album was uploaded to Spotify, and eventually the money started pouring in. Vulfpeck had hundreds of their fans stream the silent album all night and eventually Spotify owed the band $20,000. The band planned to use the money to fund a string of free shows. After awhile, Spotify finally figured out what was going on and made Vulfpeck remove the silent album, because it…

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Silence is golden – at least that is what indie band Vulfpeck thought. The band uploaded their new “album” Sleepify to Spotify and encouraged fans to stream it overnight. The catch? The album was completely silent. The band pulled a sly move on the popular streaming platform and at approximately $.007 earned per song play, the band earned a cool $20,000 after a months time. Check out the bands video proposal here which details that the money generated will be used toward playing free shows. Tell us Infectious readers – is this sneaky…

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