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Last night live on NBC was the first annual iHeartRadio Awards. The three hour ceremony started off with a bang with a performance from Pitbull featuring G.R.L. The night honored the best in music with unique categories such as Best Lyrics (which went to Miley Cyrus for “Wrecking Ball”) and Best Fan Army (a tough category that went to Rihanna’s Navy). In between each star studded performance and award, some of our favorite artists, including Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, gave us their LA Story by sharing a detailed personal…

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STREAM: The Killers “Shot At Night”

The Killers are currently streaming their new single, “Shot At Night.” The track is just one of many songs compiled into the band’s greatest hits album. The album, Direct Hits, is made up of songs from the band’s four studio albums, as well as some new material. Direct Hits will be released on the band’s 10th anniversary, November 11. Check out the track list below. You can purchase a CD here or buy concert tickets here. Stream the track after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Portugal.The Man ‘Evil Friends’

It’s as if the boys of Portugal. The Man have pressed play on summer. The title track “Plastic Soldiers” is full of heavy synths and acoustic guitars and the lines, “I can’t keep my head up, no I can’t keep my head up” gets the listener really pumped up. The album segways from “Creep in a T-shirt” and into “Evil Friends”; the title track. “Evil Friends” starts off as dark, mysterious and very typical of Censored Colors, however the song takes a sharp left turn after the first minute, a…

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The Skies Revolt “Making Moves” Album Review

The Skies Revolt head into their Making Moves series with “For Your Health,” which is catchy, with a bitter undertone. The song is easy to latch onto, as it’s slightly repetitive, but who can resist those verses or that built-up bridge? I know I can’t. It brings the song into a new dimension, especially when you add in the group vocals, which really make the track stand out. “Germaine Throws It Up” starts off with aggressive synth and raw vocals. The lyrics are unabashedly honest, claiming, “This is just…” for…

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Track Review: Oceanics “The City”

It seems that 2012 has been dominated by cheerful tunes, no matter if the lyrics are happy or sad. “The City” by Oceanics is no exception. With the “LaLaLas” and the excitable guitar playing, it’s difficult to keep the smile off of your face. This track is excellent and very well made; not to mention, who can resist that slight Aussie twang? Pair that accent (yes, yes I do like Aussie accents, couldn’t you tell?) with the overall catchiness of the song and there’s an irresistible allure that pulls you…

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