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FEATURED ARTIST: StereoKid Interview & More

There are probably many people out there who haven’t heard of StereoKid. I’m not going to say that’s anyone’s fault in particular, there are a lot of bands out there, and one can only learn about so many at a time. But if you have the chance, check out StereoKid. It’s not only cause they’re some of the most laid back and nice guys around, which they are, they’re also incredibly talented. A little about the band: made up of brothers Greg and Dan Neal, and members Roger Lambert, &…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Mary Lambert ‘Heart On My Sleeve’

Close your eyes and imagine a spoken word performance. It takes place in a small coffee house in Portland, Oregon. (What? I’m biased.) The performer is a woman named Mary Lambert. She is strong and completely secure in who she is and what she believes. Welcome to Heart On My Sleeve. This album is quite literally the story of her life. Her voice effortlessly takes vocal queues from everyone from Lana Del Rey in “Ribcage” to Regina Spektor in “Wounded Animal.” She channels jazz, R&B, pop, rock and alternative, giving…

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10 Tips To Songwriting

Writing songs has always been a part of who we are. Growing up we would write with what we knew at the time, and we fell in love with the idea that you can make an incredible piece of history in one moment out of nothing but your voice. Now that we’ve grown up a bit we are still in awe of what we do. Now we appreciate that we get to make a career doing something that we love. After writing for some time, you start to develop a…

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5-26 Conor Oberst and Lorde Indie News Pop 

Conor Oberst & Lorde Talk About Songwriting & Mutual Admiration

In a Q & A session for the New York Times, Conor Oberst and Lorde recently talked about how they have grown as songwriters and about the admiration they have for one another. Check out the whole article here and read a piece of it below, after the jump. To listen to some of Conor Oberst’s tunes, purchase a CD here. And buy concert tickets here to see him live. Want to hear some of Lorde’s music as well? Purchase a CD here and buy concert tickets here to see…

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WATCH: Introduction To Dan (Soupy) Campbell’s New Album

Dan (Soupy) Campbell, the frontman of The Wonder Years, is releasing a new album called We Don’t Have Each Other using the name Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. He wrote the album to continue to work on his songwriting skills, using the point of view of a character who has just experienced the worst year of his life. Check out what he has to say about the project in a video below, after the jump. Want to hear more from The Wonder Years as you wait for Campbell’s side…

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Jack White Named Honorary Dean At Music Academy

Jack White has been named an Honorary Dean at Mexico City’s Fermatta Music Academy, making him the first Honorary Dean in the history of the Academy. At the Fermatta’s 20th anniversary celebration last week, White made a surprise appearance to give a speech about his family, songwriting, and the influence of Detroit in his life. He was also presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony. Congratulations, Mr. White! You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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Time Travels Guest Blogs News 

GUEST BLOG: Frank McGinnis Of Time Travels On Modesty And Confidence

I was standing outside of a music venue in Albany, NY with my cousin Richie. I was about to play a solo set of original songs and we were talking about songwriting. At some point, he asked me something along the lines of “how do you know when you’re good?” Similar questions arise on a frequent basis when discussing my music. The most common one occurs when a stranger or new acquaintance learns that I am a singer/songwriter and I have a band (called Time Travels). They simply ask “are…

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GUEST BLOG: Alexander Kariotis

My name is ALEXANDER KARIOTIS and I am a Rock/Opera singer. I know that might seem strange to some of you but, it really is who I am and what I do. I was raised in a small town outside of Chicago and I grew up in a very musical family. My biggest influence was my older brother Tony. Tony was a singer/songwriter in a band signed to EMI called Gambler. When I was a young boy I used to follow my brother around learning from him the craft of…

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Wise Girl Guest Blogs News 

GUEST BLOG: Beating The Boys At Their Own Game

I started Wise Girl in 2009 after taking a 2 year break from performing with my old punk band, The Lookaways. I was sick and tired of being judged on my appearance and it really started taking its toll on me, I needed a break. At first it was cool, I started the band at 18, I got to travel, write songs and play some really epic shows. I could talk to any guy I wanted after shows and I loved it. Eventually it started getting to me, people shouting…

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