Album Review: Ninetails ‘Slept and Did Not Sleep’

From the get-go it seems that the members of Ninetails spent a better part of their youth listening to Radiohead’s Kid A.  It’s electronic-based music but with real members instead of just a computer. The very first song “Maybe We” is very ambient, with some delayed guitar picking that makes up the bulk of the song.   When a voice finally seeps through the din, it sounds just as distant and cold. The next song “Body Clock” isn’t quite as ambient but it still inhabits that same world. This time…

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Album Review: “Dead Language” – Moonlight Bridge

Dead Language by Moonlight Bridge is a moody affair. It relishes in its melancholy atmosphere with slow and dirge-like pianos, soft acoustic guitars and heart-felt vocals by frontman Justin Giles.  Like Latin (itself a dead language) Dead Language seems to come from a forgotten and lost time.  Almost immediately the listener is transported into the backwoods of the Appalachian Mountains. This type of music may no longer be ground-breaking, but like Latin it still proves to be vital. Individual songs don’t jump out from the speakers and scream “instant classic”….

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