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Mental Health Matters: Change the Stigma

It’s junior year of college at NYU. My apartment had turned into the manifestation of my mind – instruments all over the floor, dishes in the sink that hadn’t been washed in weeks with fruit flies marking their territory, clothes in every corner and all the blinds shut tight. It was psychological rock bottom. I was sitting on my bed and a beam of light broke through the window shade and hit me on my chest. I knew in that moment that I had a choice, I could live or…

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Mental Health Matters: The Monster in My Head

There is a monster in my head. I mean, I think there is a monster in everyone’s head, but I’m most familiar with my own monster. Being an artist and a songwriter has allowed me to become very good friends with that monster. The interesting part about my relationship with my monster is that I would never trade it for anything, because without it I’d never be able to feel the massive extremes that I’ve felt. So, in some ways it kind of feels like you have mental health X-Men…

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