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STREAM: Michelle Branch “Hopeless Romantic” Indie News Singer/Songwriter 

STREAM: Michelle Branch “Hopeless Romantic”

If you don’t know who Michelle Branch is, it’s time to find out. The singer-songwriter announced her upcoming full-length titled Hopeless Romantic which drops on April 7. In anticipation of the album, Branch released her first single which is none other than title track “Hopeless Romantic.” The new album marks the artist’s first release in 14 years. Branch signed to Maverick Records at 17 and went on to sell 2 million copies of her album The Spirit Room. Pre-orders for the new album are available now. You can purchase a CD here.  

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STREAM : Mainland “Permission Slip” News Rock 

STREAM : Mainland “Permission Slip”

Brooklyn, NY based rockers, Mainland, have just released their newest track entitled “Permission Slip”. With a new set of songs bringing the airy pop and rock mix to their performance, foursome Mainland are reminiscent of some rock greats like The Cure, developing their sound for a new direction. Frontman Jordan Topf speaks about the new track as being a creative release from previous works stating, “This is the first of a collection of songs that we’ve recorded completely on our own and we found it inspiring to have zero creative boundaries. The…

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STREAM : Makari, “Melt” and New EP News News Rock 

STREAM : Makari, “Melt” and New EP News

Progressive rock piece from Tampa, Florida, Makari, have just debuted a new track entitled “Melt”, which premiered exclusively with Alternative Press. “Melt” focuses primarily on the feeling of being in love, as it is dedicated to anyone who has had someone ‘melt their heart’.  With this new single on the airwaves, the band have embarked on a new beginings with a recent signing to Invogue Records and have plans to release a brand new EP on the label. The new EP entitled, Elegies showcases Makari’s dedication to improving their sound,…

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STREAM: As It Is “Okay” Alternative News 

STREAM: As It Is “Okay”

As It Is announced the release of their sophomore album, okay. The album will be out on January 20 through Fearless Records. In anticipation of the release, the UK band began streaming the album’s first single titled “Okay.” The song takes the band’s sound to a whole new level, with a deeper, more hard-hitting storyline about not being okay. “I felt a year’s worth of hurt and sadness catching up with me. The sky I painted to silence the pain, it is bleeding into grey,” sings frontman Patty Walters. Stream the…

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STREAM: Set It Off, “Upside Down” News Pop Rock 

STREAM: Set It Off, “Upside Down”

It’s getting closer and closer to Set It Off‘s album release date. The group will be dropping their latest full-length, Upside Down, October 7. They have already released tracks “Something New” and “Life Afraid” to give fans a taste of what to expect. More has come with release of the new single “Upside Down.” It is a very pop-friendly single with plenty of instrumental variety and some uplifting, yet realistic lyrics. Check it out after the jump! You can purchase a concert ticket here or buy a CD here!

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STREAM: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness “Fire Escape” News Singer/Songwriter 

STREAM: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness “Fire Escape”

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness released a spankin’ new song titled “Fire Escape.” Inspired by the not-so-glamorous late night adventures in New York City, the song tells stories of tearing the dance hall down with acrobats, talks with taxi drivers, sleepless nights, oxblood friends, bankers, and a bunch of grand characters. A declaration of independence, maybe. Or possibly just a song about finding oneself. Either way, “Fire Escape” is full of just as much energy as the sleepless city, itself is. Check out the song, below, and let us know what you think…

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STREAM : “Circus” From Scarlett Saunders Indie News Pop 

STREAM : “Circus” From Scarlett Saunders

New and upcoming artist Scarlett Saunders is making a name for herself in the music industry. With a new EP coming soon entitled Blue Again, we are definitely feeling the summery vibes with her newest single “Circus”. Saunders takes her audience on a journey, allowing her music to not only entertain but takes a more literary approach to her work, as the music paves the way for exploration. Saunders prides herself on exploring the nature of human relationships through various mediums, and through music and lyricism is just a new way…

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STREAM: Not A Planet “Tell The Truth” Indie News Rock 

STREAM: Not A Planet “Tell The Truth”

Indie rock band, Not A Planet released a lyric video for their latest single “Tell The Truth.” The single features 60’s inspired pop sounds and melodic rock’n’roll guitars, coupled with bluesy vocals. A little out of their time, maybe. But bad, definitely not. “There is a place deep inside each person where we go to discover someone unstoppable, superhuman,” said vocalist and guitarist Nathan Corsi. “‘Tell the Truth’ is about going to that place,” he continued. The song is off the quartet’s upcoming EP, Smoke Bombs and Cigarettes, which is scheduled…

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STREAM: Night Verses “Panic And Pull Your Heart Out” Alternative News Post-hardcore 

STREAM: Night Verses “Panic And Pull Your Heart Out”

Night Verses released a new song titled “Panic And Pull Your Heart.” The track is off the band’s upcoming Graphic Nature Records release, Into The Vanishing Light. The ambient song sees the band letting go of their post-hardcore edge and focusing on more purposeful, alternative rock songwriting. The track is about overcoming one’s thoughts of self-pity. “Burning bones, we bathe in fire underneath the city streets,” vocalist Doug Robinson sings. Check out the song for yourself, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section. To…

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