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Mental Health Matters: Give Yourself Permission to be More Than Your Passion

I have been labeled an “overachiever” by family and faculty for as long as I can remember. My parents wanted me to do well, but I pushed myself harder than they ever did. My father struggled with alcoholism, leading to a tumultuous relationship between my parents, and a distant one between he and I. I worked hard to become great enough at something that marriage never became a necessary path for survival. Once I knew the Music Industry was something I wanted to be a part of, there was no…

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Mental Health Matters: Stress, Anxiety, and the Fear of Rejection….

There are not many people these days who can say they don’t feel some degree of stress in their life, and many can also check off “anxiety” in that same questionnaire of life. I can count myself in this category, I have been suffering from anxiety for most of my adult life. I chose to tell my story as an owner of an online music magazine and how I face stress, anxiety, and depression head daily. First off, big thanks to Angela Mastrogiacomo and Infectious Magazine for publishing this series…

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