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Unsigned Spotlight: Night Like This (Pop Punk/Alternative/Acoustic)

How often do you hear the phrase “less is more”? Do you believe those words? Do you apply them to certain aspects of your life? Every once in a while a band comes along that reminds you just how much sheer beauty can be created within the musical ideology of minimalism. Enter Des Moines, Iowa pop-punk/acoustic trio Night Like This. A surprisingly overlooked quality that many of the most popular and beloved artists in modern history share is that multiple members contribute vocals. (The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac…

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Infectious managing editor Joe Ballard recently had the chance to speak with fast-rising New York-based soul singer/songwriter Vada March. In this exclusive interview, Vada speaks candidly about auditioning for American Idol and The Voice, what it’s like competing with a lineup full of metal bands, plans for a brand new EP, and much more. I have to start by saying congratulations on achieving First Place at the audition round for Stand Against Suicide’s Battle of the Bands competition! Can you tell me a little more about the upcoming final in May…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Joe

Hello there, lovely Infectious readers! I’ve had several years’ worth of wonderful adventures in the music industry and last month, Angela Mastrogiacomo was kind enough to hire me to the Infectious Magazine staff as a managing editor. I may be the newbie on the staff but I’m also one of the oldies, as my growing up playlist will reveal. Music is like a best friend to me. It’s always there when you need it, it never judges you, and it evokes an endless number of emotions in your heart. You…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Great Sale Day ‘Wild & Chunky’

For hardcore musicians Andrew Fisher (Basement), Ed McRae (previously of Your Demise), Daniel Frye (Unholy Majesty) and Ben Saker (Breaking Point), Great Sale Day is a way to have fun making music with no expectations. The result? An 11-track album where Weezer meets The Beatles and The Beach Boys in a melting pot of 90s alternative rock. Great Sale Day deceptively begins their debut album with the hard hitting guitar intro to, “Do Not Want To Know.” As soon as Fisher starts singing, the listener knows there is no chance…

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“God Only Knows”… How Important Music Is To Us All

A few days ago, one of my all-time favorite franchises, BBC, released a cover of “God Only Knows” originally recorded by The Beach Boys. “Cool….but, so what?” You may be asking. The moral of this (short) story is BBC Music pulled in 29 musicians from radically different backgrounds to collaborate on one song by one of the most influential bands of the past century; that’s what! The list of names literally made me yell “Hell yeah!” as the parade of musicians filtered through the incredibly popular Youtube video playing on…

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Madden Brothers ‘Greetings From California…”

If you are looking for the Good Charlotte sound, you will not find it in this journey through the beach cities of California. Joel and Benji Madden leave their beloved pop punk sound behind. Instead embracing alternative rock, country and pop. Please follow and like us:

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Within the first few seconds of Austin, TX pop rock outfit, Crocodile‘s single, “My Friend,” a wave of nostalgia hits. Their influences bleed through, and it’s easy to see where comparisons to the Beach Boys, The Beatles, and even Dr. Dog come in. Comprised of Gianni Sarmiento along with live band Philip Woodbury, Savanah Shanks, Michael Pace, and Matthew Squires, this five piece is gearing up to release their latest EP, Crocodile Vs. The Mutant Alligators From Space on June 17, 2014, which follows their 2013 release, After A While.  Speaking about the recording process,…

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Marriage In Music: How To Make It Work

Being married to a band member is not that uncommon – The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth and Cults (to name a few) all contain married couples. But what’s it like being married to a band mate? Well, let’s face it, anyone who’s ever been in a band and really worked at it, knows that your relationship with a band mate can be very much like a marriage anyway. First of all there’s the honeymoon period – your band is newly formed and everyone has a wide eyed, almost…

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