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GUEST BLOG: How To Write A Hit Song Or Make Sriracha By Brendan Cunningham

When you’re sitting down to write a song the first thing you want to do is make sure you get really nice, organic peppers. Heirloom varieties would be best but are not necessary. Next you’re going to need some garlic. Every good song has garlic; it’s the bass that the other notes are layered on. Finally, you need some brown sugar (raw cane, obviously), some vinegar (homemade) and some water (spring). Now that you have your inspiration you need to get the gear. A food processor for the wailing licks,…

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Top 8 Stand-Up Comedy Routines

The Lawsuits were kind enough to share their top 8 stand-up comedy acts with us. View them after the jump and check out The Lawsuits’ music, buy concert tickets and purchase a CD of Cool Cool Cool out October 1, right here. Please follow and like us:

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