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6 Must-Watch Indie Directors

Here’s a secret about yours truly: I’m obsessed with films… and that’s also a huge understatement. While I have nothing against the big blockbusters that seem to have taken over modern cinema (I could watch Marvel’s films for days), the film fanatic in me has been known to watch a wide variety of films and has the DVD collection to prove it – ringing it at over 400+ DVDs, excluding my television series collection. I get plenty of gruff about that from my parents. Of the films I’ve seen and…

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Hot Topic To Release Disney Vinyls

Nostalgic Disney fans rejoice! Hot Topic recently announced that they will be releasing Disney soundtracks on picture disc vinyl starting this year. As of right now, the retailer plans on stocking The Little Mermaid and The Lion King in stores on April 29 and online on May 6. Check out a picture of the discs and a message from a Hot Topic spokesperson below, after the jump! (And don’t forget about your favorite bands and artists in the meantime; you can purchase a CD of theirs from Hot Topic and buy concert tickets through…

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