Album Review: The Off Chance “Change”

“Change” leads this album, with jazzy undertones and easy listening; it greets you at the door and welcomes you in. “Helpless” follows suit and I find myself feeling as though a long time friend has led me to the couch and started the conversation. Lead singer Jason Differ has a melodic yet captivating voice, leading fluctuations in tempo and tone, that not only makes you stop and listen, but keep you there. “It’s You I’ve been Waiting For” is both fun and uplifting, giving you hope for better things to…

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Interview: The Off Chance

 Infectious Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Boston musicians The Off Chance to gather their thoughts on Kickstarter, standing out in the industry, their 12 week t-shirt giveaway and their latest EP. You can check it out below. Infectious Magazine: Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you? MK.  Thanks for having us. I’m very excited!  Having put our EP out is a big deal for us! JD. Never been better! IM: You guys were thrown together almost accidentally. How much in this industry do…

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