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On Stage Theatrics: The Best Bands In The Business

Stage presence has always been an essential factor to having a great live show.  It draws the audience in and keeps them interested.  It can also make up for a somewhat lousy instrumental performance, or a big mistake, like forgetting the lyrics.  As long as a band owns the stage, they can always come back from whatever they bungled. In fact this overall presence is also something that can separate a good band from a great band.  Live music has the added element of performing antics and entertainment. Every now…

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Live Review: Frank Turner, Northampton, MA

The stage is set. Inside Northampton’s best-kept secret, Pearl Street Night Club, stand nearly 700 of the East Coast’s biggest Frank Turner fans. As they pay their respects to a killer opening performance by The Sidekicks, there is only one thing left on everyone’s mind: “Is it 9:20 yet?” Before long, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls rush the stage, launching directly into “Four Simple Words”-an appropriate opening track for what is about to be an awe-inspiring show. Please follow and like us:

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