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The Without Drop Debut EP ‘Factions’

If you’re looking for gritty, high-energy rock fused with post-hardcore, punk, and just a touch of thrash, look no further than Portland, OR rockers, The Without. Releasing their debut EP on March 14th, Factions is a testament to the band’s immense talent. Rarely do artists come out of the gate with such a strong, well-defined sound, and in this, The Without provide something refreshing. Speaking about the writing and recording process, Michael Draper says, “It was a rewarding process, really putting our stuff under the microscope and discussing at length, what we believed…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Autocatalytica Self-Titled Debut LP

The Brooklyn-based “psychomaniacal, spazzgazm of progressive-math-metal-mayhem,” opens with the track “Oxygonical.” It’s a textbook thrash song. We’re supposed to listen and have a sense of violence and mayhem and, in that regard, the song succeeds, but does so in a way that every other thrash-metal coattail rider has done since Anthrax: lightning fast guitars, lightning fast bass drums, lots of cymbal crashes and a front man that can scream his head off about something.  Please follow and like us:

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