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GUEST BLOG: The Struggle Is Worth The Payoff

Being in a band and being on the road is a mix of both intense highs full of reward and long days and nights of hard work, boredom, and sacrifice. The highs are undeniable releases of expression and satisfaction along with a serious camaraderie with your bandmates as well as the audience that you start to crave when you go too long without it.  The sacrifice is one of comfort, familiarity, the company of your family, cleanliness, and if you’re like me, the personal belongings that I will lose despite…

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WATCH: Fall Out Boy “Death Valley”

Fall Out Boy recently released the eighth installment in their Young Blood Chronicles series. It is called “Death Valley.” It features Tommy Lee as some sort of devil figure and takes place in a nightclub, an interrogation room, and a cell, for the most part. The song creates a gritty canvas for the visuals and fits incredibly well with what storyline is understandable. Watching the series all the way through until “Death Valley” is recommended, though as a stand-alone piece, the latest video is throught-provoking and artistic. Check out “Death Valley” after…

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