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How To Fall In Love With Your Own Lyrics

People sometimes ask me, “Do you consider your lyrics to be poetry?”  I always reply, “I’m not trying to write poetry; I’m trying to write words I mean.”  The truth is, there isn’t really any difference between lyrics and poetry. There’s only a difference between words written with care and words written carelessly. People sometimes ask, “Who even listens to lyrics anymore?”  The answer is: Everyone who sings them.  If you’re a performing songwriter, singing your own words night after night, your ability to love your lyrics is a part…

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Track By Track: Sheppard, Self-Titled EP

Check out Sheppard’s track by track for their debut self-titled EP below! 1. Let Me Down Easy . We wanted to do this thing where we wrote a sad song, but juxtaposed it with a very happy melody and cheery production. We’ve all been through heartache before, so it was quite easy to write. The final result turned out to be one of our best tracks yet. We decided it should be the first single from the EP, and we’re happy to report it’s getting a good response! . 2. Hold…

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