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You, Me And Everyone We Know Announce Break Up

After five EPs and one full length album, You, Me and Everyone We Know announced their break up Thursday morning. Vocalist Ben Liebsch revealed the news via Tumblr. “After a decade of ups and downs, I have decided to put this band to rest, “Liebsch wrote. The band will play two finals shows before disbanding. The first farewell show will be in Philadelphia, PA on March 26, and the other in Chicago, IL. It was a fun run, and the band will certainly be missed. Check out Liebsch’s official announcement, below, and let us…

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Becoming A Music Journalist

I’ve always been attracted to the written word. From a very young age, I enjoyed reading and, as I got older, I started getting into writing. In high school, I was highly involved in resurrecting the school newspaper. I even held a high-ranking position at a newspaper in my hometown for a few years once out of high school. But when I was about 16 or 17, I started getting really into music. I could barely function without listening to some kind of music. I would hear new bands or…

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Ashley Aron (Property Of Zack)

This week Infectious chats with Property of Zack contributor, Ashley Aron, who works as the site’s showcase director, putting hardworking, talented bands into the spotlight each week. Aron has also held social media positions at Tumblr and Adult Swim, books shows, and even works as an A&R scout for Red Bull Records‘ Falcon. Check out our interview with Ashley below to find out how she got started, tips for booking shows, submitting to music blogs, and getting noticed by labels. Please follow and like us:

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Ensure Summer Fun With Pop-Punk Drinking Game!

Recently, a brand new summer drinking game has been making rounds on the web: The Pop-Punk Drinking Game! Rules include taking shots every time the word “friend” is mentioned, and chugging a beer during gang vocals. This new game surfaced on Tumblr, and is a quick and easy way to enjoy some of your favorite bands this summer. Check out the rest of the rules after the jump! Please follow and like us:

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Paramore “Ain’t It Fun” Limited Edition Release

Paramore announced via Tumblr that a limited edition release of “Ain’t it Fun” will soon make its way to the public. The cover photo of the album provided in their Tumblr post, however, resembles the cover of Justin Bieber”s Believe album cover. Is Paramore trying to make a statement regarding Justin Bieber’s use of their fan artwork? Check out the album covers side by side and see for yourself after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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Justin Bieber Uses Paramore Fan’s Artwork

Appreciation is alright, but potential theft? Not so much. Initially, fans were suspicious that Justin Bieber’s artwork for “We Were Born For This” looked rather similar to Paramore‘s RIOT! cover, and they thought that even the name of the song was similar to Paramore’s “Born For This.” Jacob Tender from Under The Gun is no longer just suspicious; he says that Justin Bieber has definitely taken the artwork from a fan-made edit, done in 2011, for Paramore’s “Born For This.” Check out his tweet below, after the jump. Did Bieber’s…

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Where Can You Discover New Music?

One of my favorite things these days is discovering new music (and, of course, writing about it). Whether it is something shared on Facebook, stumbled upon on Tumblr, a band I tracked down that is supposed to be similar to one I already love, or even music I’ve been introduced to here on Infectious Magazine, there is no way to properly put into words my obsession with finding new music to listen to and adore. There are many well-known websites out there today that can aid in the search for…

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Purchase Prints From Concert Photographers

If you attend a concert, chances are there is a moment in the show you wish you could have captured. More than likely, the band performing has a photographer that is taking pictures for them and it is more than like that the photographer has a blog with the pictures. The chances are pretty high that the photographer sells their prints too. Adam Elmakias, photographer for bands like Pierce the Veil and A Day to Remember, has his own website where you can purchase prints from both on stage and…

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Oli Sykes Gets Called Out

A debate between Oliver Sykes, frontman Bring me the Horizon, and Tyler, The Creator from Odd Future took place recently over twitter. Tyler claims Oli Supposedly “stole” his lyrics. The lyrics are from Tyler’s song “Kill People Burn Shit Fuck School.” He claims Oli stole the lyrics for a shirt featured in his Drop Dead clothing line. Tyler went on to call Oli a ” Tumblr Faggot ” and Oliver went on to say “I just thought skip school had more charm to it.” Head over to Drop Deads website to see the shirt that…

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Glamour Kills Tour Week One Blog Posted

Having the first week of the Glamour Kills Tour under their belts, Mayday Parade posted their first  update on the tour’s official Tumblr page. The post includes lots of pictures taken by photographer Tom Falcone, as well as an entry by leader singer Derek Sanders. Sanders mentions feeling like the “luckiest person ever” and the first week sales of their newest album Monsters in the Closet. You can check out the entire blog post here. You don’t want to miss out on any of the fun this year’s tour has…

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