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Over the course of time, music has taken multiple twists and turns in numerous directions. One thing has always stayed the same: the feeling you get from it. When that song comes on during a drive, and all you can think about is that moment, and your heart swells with emotion, or you’re on a run and it comes blasting through your speakers, making you feel invincible. That’s what music does. It produces emotions in us that we may have forgot we could feel. It builds us up, it breaks…

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The Cellophane Flowers ‘Staring At The World’ Album Review

You know those really great, almost timeless, female fronted bands that seem to grab your attention no matter the circumstances? If you know what I’m talking about you may want to consider adding another band to your list of go-to’s. The Cellophane Flowers, out of the U.K., are a fresh brand of pop hooks and upbeat choruses. Coupled with the vocal stylings of Francesca Corradini they shoot way past the proposed mark and lead the listener into a broad landscape of very different and original ideas. Each song is fueled…

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