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ALBUM REVIEW: East of Eli ‘Nothing Ordinary’

Nathan West is a seasoned member of the entertainment business. From gracing the silver screen (Jan from Bring It On anyone?) to working behind the scenes, he has shown his strengths as both an actor and producer for the past 10 years. Now, West is looking to take on music and further show his skills from the likes of the recording studio, under the stage name East of Eli. Please follow and like us:

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Brian Marquis Indie News Rock 

SHOW REVIEW: Brian Marquis

I have this overwhelming fear of writing reviews. Interviewing artists? No sweat. But watching them play and then writing about it strikes a fear into this little heart of mine that rivals the sinking feeling in my stomach when I can’t see my kid on the playground. What if they’re awful? What if I can’t find a single good thing to say about them and every artist I’ve ever respected reads that one review and now no one will ever talk to me? See? It’s terrifying. The only thing that…

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INTERVIEW: Brian Marquis

Situated beneath the town’s mascot Tilly, Asbury Park’s Wonderbar is a favorite venue for locals and benny’s as well (that’s a tourist for those of you not in the know). As with the rest of the shore town, it’s got a not so secret soft spot for The Boss, but lately it’s been playing host to new acts that are just as talented. Tonight its guests are Brian Marquis and the rest of the Acoustic Basement Tour. Before the show I met up with Brian and discussed his upcoming album,…

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Zak Smith Features Indie News Rock Track-By-Track 

TRACK-BY-TRACK: Zak Smith ‘Precambrian Age’

Zak Smith was kind enough to share a track-by-track of his new album, Precambrian Age with us. Check it out after the jump and be sure to check out more of his music, buy concert tickets, or purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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SHOW REVIEW & FAN PHOTOS: Twenty One Pilots, Seattle, WA

Experiencing a band for the first time live can sometimes make or break your opinion of them. Some bands are clearly overproduced in the studio to the point where they cannot reproduce their sound live, and others will shine and sound even better than any recording could ever capture. The latter could not be truer of Twenty One Pilots, the super dynamic piano pop-rock-rap duo of Columbus, Ohio. Please follow and like us:

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