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ALBUM REVIEW: Hannah Thiem ‘Brym’

Those of you that are regular readers of Infectious Magazine know that our reviews often entail the various types of rock, metal, punk, indie, and as a more recent venture, we’ve added pop to our lineup. But every so often (and I usually jump on these as quickly as possible), we have the pleasure to review music that doesn’t really fit into any one of those genres. Hannah Thiem and her newest album, Brym is amongst the latter. Brym (pronounced “Breem”) is Thiem’s first in her solo career; she had…

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The Y Axes 'Sunglasses & Solar Flares' album Album Reviews Indie News Pop Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW: The Y Axes ‘Sunglasses & Solar Flares’

Imagine approaching a venue of your local music scene. You can vaguely hear the band start to play as you approach the building, music slightly muted before you first open the door and walk towards the stage. That right there is essentially the introduction from San Francisco-based quartet The Y Axes’ new album Sunglasses & Solar Flares. The Y Axes describe their music as “drawing influence from a myriad era of popular and esoteric music to craft a fun original style” and I couldn’t agree more. This female-led indie pop…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Golden Youth ‘Quiet Frame; Wild Light’

We all know that feeling when a movie starts, as the introductory music begins and the title credits scroll along the screen; it’s almost a nervous feeling: you want the movie to be great, and you’re listening to see if the music will give any indication. From beginning to end, Golden Youth give you that feeling. If their music were featured on the trailer of a film, you’d want to see it. If it were in the movie, you’d know during the opening credits that it was going to be…

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