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ALBUM REVIEW: Betraying The Martyrs ‘Phantom’

How do you proceed from a debut album that oozed brutality from its pores? How do you make a follow-up album to a debut that landed you an extensive touring circuit of North America and Europe alongside bands like While She Sleeps, Carnifex, and Whitechapel. Where could Betraying the Martyrs go from there; from being labelled by Gibson one of ten metal bands to check out in 2012? This was alongside Asking Alexandria and Five Finger Death Punch. Well, they could go ahead and release a second album to try…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Beatrix Players ‘Words In Lemon Juice’

In similar fashion to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and PJ Harvey, London-based trio Beatrix Players bring together vocals with epic piano and cello in a way so powerful, you will become entirely engrossed in their newest EP, Words in Lemon Juice, set to release June 19th. Described as “dark melodies to tell [their] stories of real life and fantasy, influenced by a love of film scores and classical composition,” these ladies embody the sound of indie folk, classical, and pop with their new 5-track EP. Please follow and like us:

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Album Review: Crash! Radio ‘For You, From The Heart’

“Be With You” kicks the EP off beautifully. The track is delightfully catchy, with heart-thumping beats and imaginative and vivid lyrics. In a word, it’s cute. There’s a spark that gets ignited when you listen to this. It’s everything you wish you had the guts to say to the person you’ve been eyeing at a concert or in a bookstore. The song bares all without shame or hesitation, making it more than great to dance to; it makes it relatable and therefore, easy to adore. “Walk Away” is an upbeat…

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