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WATCH: Asking Alexandria “Here I Am” Music Video Alternative News 

WATCH: Asking Alexandria “Here I Am” Music Video

In celebration of their recently-released studio album, The Black, Asking Alexandria released a music video for their song “Here I Am.”  The video opens up with a quote by lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Ben Bruce. “In a world tainted by hate and negativity, stand out, shine bright and always be proud of who you are,” the message reads. The music video sees a young girl wandering around a forest, accompanied by a haunting figure in the shaddows. She quickly joins him in his search for acceptance. Check out the…

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WATCH: Hotel Books “Broke Love” Music Video News Post-hardcore 

WATCH: Hotel Books “Broke Love” Music Video

In anticipation of their upcoming album, Run Wild, Stay Alive, Hotel Books released a music video for their song “Broke Love.” The music video starts off with frontman, Cam Smith, giving some background info about how the band got their name. Instead of serving as a prelude, the minute-long story could have easily been mistaken for the actual song. The intro faded into a song about how the death of someone you love isn’t the death of their love. And how we, as humans, have the ability to share their love with…

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WATCH: Real Friends “Mess” Music Video News Pop Punk 

WATCH: Real Friends “Mess” Music Video

In anticipation of their upcoming full-length, The Home Inside My Head, pop-punk band, Real Friends released a single titled “Mess.” The self-declared Illinois sad boys,  share the same angsty sentiments in this song as we’ve seen in their previous releases. Frontman Dan Lambton sings, “I’m still a lost boy. Last year I was a trainwreck, now I’m just a mess.” Every once in a while, Real Friends reference other bands in their songs. They’ve mentioned Jimmy Eat World in “Skin Deep” and American Football in “Home For Fall,” and now their latest single talks about Death…

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WATCH: Arkells “Private School” Alternative Indie News 

WATCH: Arkells “Private School”

Canadian rock band, Arkells have released a new music video for their latest song,”Private School.” The track is the first single off the group’s upcoming album, Morning Report. “I just wanna love you, but it’s so hard,” Max Kerman sings, stumbling across the video set, which features the band hanging around a bunch of preppy private school teenagers. It’s kind of like a behind the scenes look at the making of Gossip Girl. The video feels like high school all over again and even features guest performances from Lights, Dave Monks of Tokyo Police…

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WATCH: Real Friends “Scared To Be Alone” Music Video News Pop Punk 

WATCH: Real Friends “Scared To Be Alone” Music Video

This morning, Real Friends released a new single and accompanying music video for “Scared To Be Alone.” The song is off the band’s upcoming Fearless Records release, The Home Inside My Head. The single includes themes of moving forward and finding solutions-something that made the band so relateable from the get-go. The song offers a new twist to the group’s traditional pop punk music,with a more focused, and less pop-influenced sound. “Don’t settle because you’re scared of being alone / You know I always pictured things to be different for you,” frontman Dan Lambton sings…

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WATCH: Oh, Weatherly “Lost And Found” Music Video Alternative News Pop 

WATCH: Oh, Weatherly “Lost And Found” Music Video

Dallas, Texas alternative band, Oh, Weatherly released a music video for their song “Lost and Found.” “This song means a lot to us as a band, as we’ve all had to let someone go that meant the world to us,” the band posted on Facebook. “This song helped us cope with that.” Check out the music video, below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section. To hear more from Oh, Weatherly, you can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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WATCH: Halsey “Castle” Alternate Music Video Indie News 

WATCH: Halsey “Castle” Alternate Music Video

Halsey released a music video for her alternative version of “Castle,” which is featured on the soundtrack for The Huntsman: Winter’s War. The video shows a sneak peek into the film, with scenes of love, conquest, and castles. Halsey does a wonderful job capturing the feel of the movie in only three minutes. To hear more from Halsey, you can purchase a CD here, and buy concert tickets here.

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WATCH: LIINKS “This Feeling” Electronica Indie News 

WATCH: LIINKS “This Feeling”

Canadian electro-pop group, LIINKS released a music video for their song, “This Feeling.” The duo, which consists of members Georgia and Dwhiz, have been making waves within the music scene since April of 2014. The video was directed in Santa Monica, California and Victoria, British Colombia. There is an abstract vibe going on, with clips of Georgia singing, and exploring the Santa Monica pier. The sultry song is about capturing the moments that make life worthwhile, and holding on to them. The group recently signed to Universal Music Publishing Group, where they are working with producer…

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