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12 Songs To Add To Your Summer Bicycle Playlist

It’s shaping up to be a bright and sunny summer this year. We have compiled a list of 12 songs that should be on your Bicycle Playlist.  From new-school hip hop and indie to ska-punk, here are some tunes for your long summer days on your Fixie (or Cruiser, I guess). If you can’t afford a bicycle, some cities offer bike libraries or rentals. You could hit up a local police auction… or do a volunteer program at a bike shop. Hey, just dust off whatever is in the back…

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STREAM: Trivium “Brave This Storm”

Seasoned Orlando metal band, Trivium, have announced a new album and have made available a free download of a new song titled “Brave This Storm.” The new album will be titled Vengeance Falls and will be released via Roadrunner Records on Oct. 15. Vengeance Falls will be Trivium’s sixth full-length release, following 2003’s Ember To Inferno, 2005’s Ascendency, 2006’s The Crusade, 2008’s Shogun, and 2011’s In Waves.  Tentative Vengeance Falls artwork can be seen after the jump, and  “Brave This Storm” can be downloaded for free here. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Please…

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GUEST BLOG: Love, Robot “Fire Escape” Behind The Scenes

The evolution of “Fire Escape” to what it is today has definitely been a journey to say the least and one that I am very proud to call the product of a team effort.  Fire Escape started out documentary style with me carrying my camera around travelling to and from Boston to Lowell taking videos of sunsets and train rides.  I took my camera with me pretty much everywhere for months and wound up not using any of the footage for the actual video.  After a few band meetings and…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Portugal.The Man ‘Evil Friends’

It’s as if the boys of Portugal. The Man have pressed play on summer. The title track “Plastic Soldiers” is full of heavy synths and acoustic guitars and the lines, “I can’t keep my head up, no I can’t keep my head up” gets the listener really pumped up. The album segways from “Creep in a T-shirt” and into “Evil Friends”; the title track. “Evil Friends” starts off as dark, mysterious and very typical of Censored Colors, however the song takes a sharp left turn after the first minute, a…

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Album Review: The Swellers “Running Out Of Places To Go”

Do The Swellers ever disappoint? Once you’ve had the chance to listen to their latest EP, Running Out Of Places To Go, you’ll be able to answer that pretty quickly. Never. With attention spans diminishing, and the industry getting tighter, strong openings are everything. So when The Swellers dive into their EP, paving the path for the catchy beats and powerful vocals of “Hands,” I’m hooked. In truth, the rest of the EP follows suit, as The Swellers fly through one memorable track after another. While “Making Waves” brings me…

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