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The Other Gig: How Your Favorite Bands Are Making Ends Meet

It’s no secret that making it big in the music industry is no simple task. Whether you’re striving to be in a rock band as big as Fall Out Boy or working towards being a Taylor Swift-like popstar, it takes years of hard work and dedication to reach even a fraction of their success. And even if reaching worldwide fame isn’t an artists #1 priority, most musicians have one simple goal in mind at the end of the day: for their music to reach as wide an audience as possible,…

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The Plight of The Working Class Band

You can’t begrudge anyone having privileged start in life, but when you roll up to a venue in your knackered death-trap of a former Royal Mail delivery van which you’ve been crammed into along with all of your gear and your flatulent guitarist for the past agonizing 5 hours and you see the fresh-faced support act, barely out of school, unloading a drum kit worth more than your van from their dad-bought dad-driven spacious tourbus complete with XBox, it can be hard to not to feel a nauseating mixture of…

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