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The Other Gig: In Loving Memory

This month on The Other Gig, we chatted with Naveed Stone, lead vocalist of Queens, NY band In Loving Memory. When not making music, Stone works as a project engineer, pursuing two careers to “embrace the beauty of building a stable career in order to pursue the American dream.” To see our full interview with Stone and to check out the band’s latest EP Introspective, continue reading below! Please follow and like us:

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The Other Gig: How Your Favorite Bands Are Making Ends Meet

It’s no secret that making it big in the music industry is no simple task. Whether you’re striving to be in a rock band as big as Fall Out Boy or working towards being a Taylor Swift-like popstar, it takes years of hard work and dedication to reach even a fraction of their success. And even if reaching worldwide fame isn’t an artists #1 priority, most musicians have one simple goal in mind at the end of the day: for their music to reach as wide an audience as possible,…

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The Plight of The Working Class Band

You can’t begrudge anyone having privileged start in life, but when you roll up to a venue in your knackered death-trap of a former Royal Mail delivery van which you’ve been crammed into along with all of your gear and your flatulent guitarist for the past agonizing 5 hours and you see the fresh-faced support act, barely out of school, unloading a drum kit worth more than your van from their dad-bought dad-driven spacious tourbus complete with XBox, it can be hard to not to feel a nauseating mixture of…

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