Lionz Of Zion Bring Different Sound To Warped Tour

Lionz of Zion also known as L.O.Z. is a funk/reggae jam band from South Carolina. This all male five member band effortlessly combines funk and reggae influences to make their own unique sound. They’ll be playing at Warped and spreading their message of  One Pride One Love until 7/21. Check out their original song “Rasta Roses” below. You can buy concert tickets or purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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Album Review: Empyrios ‘Zion’

In a genre often called stale, unimaginative or terribl , it is refreshing to see a band take elements of the genre, and make them their own. Though there are great bands in the post-hardcore genre, sometimes it needs shaking up. Rimini, Italy’s Empyrios appear to be setting out to do just that. Their latest release, Zion, is likely to be enjoyed by a genre fan. Please follow and like us:

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