Tour Diary: Black Taxi (Update One)

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Photo By: Michael Fiske

Black Taxi are currently on the road in support of their latest album, “We Don’t Know Any Better” and will be doing a tour diary for Infectious Magazine to keep fans up to date on the latest on-the-road happenings. You can check out the first update below.

5/8-DC9, Washington DC 

Our first stop of our tour. It’s definitely nice to have a short drive to our first gig; I knew the next  two days (Atlanta, Miami) were all super long, so it’s important to get some time to stretch out a little and move around, especially on stage. Like many of the stops of our previous tours, I haven’t been to most of the east coast cities since I was kid. Driving past national monuments, it’s sort of surreal to pass by these places from my memory as a kid and the reason why I’m back is not because of family excursion, it’s because the decisions I’ve made. It’s our first gig in DC, and I was curious to see how the turnout was going to be given that it’s during the week. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I kept thinking this Tuesday night became a Friday night. Pretty impressed, DC. You guys know how to party. If I can help it, we’ll be back there soon. – Krisana

5/9-The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

Brooklyn is not the only town with factories-turned-music venues.  The Masquerade in Atlanta was originally a steam powered mill, then abandoned, then a pizza shop, and then morphed into a 3 room rock club.  We played a really fun show to an intimate crowd on that Wednesday night, and met some nice kids who were there to see the other band in the bigger room.  Good times for sure.  We then proceeded to go to Atlanta’s most famous strip club, the Clermont Lounge.  Now, Black Taxi usually goes to the cabaret for a sensible lunch buffet, not so much after dark.  But we made an exception for Clermont Lounge which is home to the famous “Blondie” who crushes beer cans with her hoo-ha.  Unfortunately she was on sabbatical and we saw the JV squad instead, which was perfectly entertaining.  And after a restful night’s sleep in a room at the Highland (which housed Dick Dale at one point, as well as some sweet metal bands from the 80s I’ve never heard of), we said “À bientôt” to Atlanta and moved on down the road. – Bill



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