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Thanks For The Memories: Fall Out Boy Live At The Egyptian Room

Fall Out Boy 2013When I’m attending a show for a band that I love, I always go in assuming I’m going to witness the performance of a lifetime. When Fall Out Boy announced they were finally coming back from their hiatus and in fact embarking on a tour that would hit my area, I knew I had to be there. My friends and I were fortunate enough to purchase tickets to the Save Rock and Roll Tour the minute they went on sale, so all that was left was to wait several months for the day of the show to finally arrive.

I’ve been to several shows held in the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre in Indianapolis, IN, but I had never experienced one quite like this. Not only did this sold out show seem far more packed than any previous event I had attend at the same location, but the energy within the crowd was amazing. I usually am overly excited any time I get to see a favorite band live, but this time I was practically ready to explode from anticipation and happiness. After what seemed like an eternity between the opening band and Fall Out Boy’s set up (which was actually roughly only ten minutes), the lights went out, the curtain dropped, and in a sea of flashing lights Fall Out Boy took the stage.

I’m just going to go ahead and say Fall Out Boy live is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound was absolutely spot on, and just trust me that you will never understand unless you actually experience the band perform in person. It wasn’t just a concert, it was an experience. Patrick Stump’s voice carried through the whole venue as they performed, while their fabulous display of lights and videos framed them on stage like Rock and Roll Gods. Speaking of, while performing their song “Save Rock and Roll” photos of various rock royalty flashed in the background, an ode to the past. They showed their appreciation for their longtime fans by not only playing several Take This To Your Grave tracks, but also by stopping between songs more than once to thank us for sticking with them through the years, especially through the hiatus which in the words of Patrick, “seemed like a good idea at the time….Sorry about that.” By the size of the crowd and the amount of ticket sales, I would have to say the fans have forgiven. We’re just happy to have them back.

No other concert I’ve been to can compare to this one, and I don’t think another ever will. It was a night I’m never going to forget, one which was filled with old friends, and reminiscing, realizing we don’t have to grow up just yet. Fall Out Boy’s songs were the anthems that propelled me through the treacherous days of middle and high school, and perhaps now I can take these memories and propel through the not so fun days that are inevitable. Thanks for the memories, they are indeed so great.

You can purchase a CD or vinyl or ‘Save Rock and Roll’ or buy concert tickets here.

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Samantha Shields

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