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‘The Dirties’ Releases Limited Edition DVD & Blu-Ray

The DirtiesThere is just something about The Dirties. Maybe it’s my longtime admiration of director Matt Johnson’s first (and most hilarious) project, Nirvana The Band The Show, and those same filming elements I notice seeping into The Dirties. Maybe it’s the brilliant way in which Johnson and his team tell the story of bullying, which most all of us can relate to. Or maybe it’s the dynamic friendship between Johnson and Owen Williams that you can’t help but identify with.

Whatever it is, The Dirties has had me hooked since its initial release on October 4th of last year. Since then, Infectious has covered the film in a multitude of ways—but there is one thing I’ve been yearning for over these past six months….the DVD.

Let me tell you, it was worth the wait. Not only are there six different parody DVD covers to choose from, but the content itself delivers in every way imaginable. With five different commentaries, a ton of deleted scenes, a bloopers reel, and some really awesome menu footage, I can honestly say I’ve been watching the DVD features almost as much as the movie itself. (and that my friends, is a lot).

Grab your copy here, and check out the trailer below.

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