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The Exposed ‘Static Armageddon’ Review

943286_10151649943065990_2085941118_nIf there’s such a thing as love at first site in the music industry (and let’s be honest, there is) then UK punk rock veterans, The Exposed are just that for Infectious Magazine. Since our very first interview with the band on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour, it’s been a lot of passionate car singing to their 2010 debut, In The Face Of Resistance, and a lot of wondering when the band would follow up that masterpiece.

Back with a brand new album, encased with feverous passion and the refusal to settle (ah, punk rock) The Exposed introduce Static Armageddon, by taking what they did so well on their first album, and expanding upon it to create an equally commanding, but wonderfully mastered sound that screams energy, fervor, and talent.

Though less aggressive than their debut, Static Armageddon hits all the marks, churning track after track of sounds which one can only imagine were designed to get you up off your feet, out from your settled state, and keep you on your toes—all while providing an intensely catchy soundtrack.

You can purchase a CD of Static Armageddon and buy concert tickets to see the band on Warped Tour here.

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