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It’s inevitable when you are a recording musician that at some point you are going to need to create a music video. I’m Rändi Fay, a songwriter and recording artist, and not long ago, I didn’t relish this idea AT ALL! I have a good share of camera phobia (not helpful…), and an even healthier phobia of appearing completely ridiculous. I have no background in acting, and I can barely watch myself walk in front of a mirror, let alone attempt to intentionally create a facial expression that represents any emotion other than sheer mortification! So how am I to do this in front of a camera?

All that being said, while recording my CD “Falling” in 2014, I had a feeling it was time to take the plunge. I had a song in mind—the beautiful romantic title track of the CD. I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone yet, and much to my surprise, while doing vocal edits on a song called “Feeding the Blues,” producer Marc Golde started laughing from the control room and said, “If you ever want to do a video, THIS is the song you need to do.”  Now “FtB” is a COMPLETELY different song from “Falling,” and I responded saying I had been thinking about this other lovely song, but Marc was pretty adamant. He had a foolproof vision for “FtB,” and I was so new to it all, who was I to argue? And “FtB” did sound like a lot of fun.

“Feeding the Blues” is basically my binge-eating, binge-shopping, binge-drinking maladaptive answer to feeling down-in-the-dumps. The song resonates with many because who hasn’t over-indulged in some vice to drown their sorrows? Marc had this image of me at a grocery store, wearing comfies like I just rolled off the couch (which I do later in the video!), going crazy over all of the junk food I could stuff into the cart… and into my mouth… Well I could be down with that!! I did write the song, and the concept was not a stretch for me. So I threw caution to the wind and signed on!

We found a willing local grocery store (Austin’s in Green Bay, WI) that allowed us to wreak havoc for about an hour, filming just after sunrise one morning to avoid regular customers. Then we finished up with me at home back on the couch in a darkened room in front of the TV, of course still chowing and drinking… all filming was done by 10:30 am, and so was I! Phew- that booze!! No faking it for this girl… I guess I am a method actress from the start…

On another night my band joined us at Marc’s studio (Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, WI) and we filmed the concert scenes. Bassist Mick Maloney co-wrote “FtB” with me, after I had written the lyrics while texting a girlfriend, feeling completely awful with a hangover, madly craving a quarter pounder and fries. The words flew in a stream of consciousness! When I showed them to Mick he thought they were hilarious and wrote a great hook to get the song going! When it came to recording the song, Mick had wanted the Hammond to be central to the music, which keyboardist Greg Pagel rocked. Bring in guitarist Bob Balsley and drummer Kurt Risch and we had both an incredible song and video which we released in June 2014!

Incidentally, later that summer we DID film a perfectly classy, romantic, nostalgic music video to my jazz ballad “Falling” (August 2014). From the beginning, I have had a million sides to me that I express musically, right up to the present day creating epic electronic tracks in my new genre symphonic electronica with producer and co-writer Aaron Zinsmeister. And I am no longer afraid of the camera, loving to create the visually expressive side of the stories we tell in our music! Our video “Supernatural” (August 2018) won “Best Music Video” at the Wildwood Film Fest, and our recent video “Lone Wolf” (October 2019) is hopefully on the same track for success! I now have the bug BIG TIME and I can’t wait to create more!

True to her words, Rändi Fay does dream beyond what others dare, beginning her professional music career at an age where many begin to make plans for retirement. After a hand injury forced her to leave veterinary medicine in 2001, she spent several years in non-profit work, but Rändi’s active mind craved more.

Fast forward to today, Rändi is an award winning songwriter and vocalist, her most recent accolades include being named alongside co-writer and producer Aaron Zinsmeister a “Top Five Winner” with “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” by the Great American Song Contest for “Supernatural” (March, 2019). Her music video (director Jocelyne Berumen) for “Supernatural” won the honor of “Best Music Video” at the Wildwood Film Festival (March, 2019). She has been nominated Jazz Artist of the Year five times (2015-2019) by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry.

In 2019, Rändi is establishing her niche in the contemporary sound symphonic electronica, co- created with partner Aaron, fusing the colorful intimacy of nostalgic artists, the tonal richness of jazz, the passion of classical orchestrations with the intense sonic spectrum of electronica. Rändi’s poetic lyrics and transcendent vocals set to dramatic production and dynamic melodies captivate through the intimate power of their new songs which can be experienced fully in their upcoming concept CD “Intuition” set for release 2.20.2020.

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