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The Grammys Happened

The Grammys. Every news source gets one post about them and here is ours (sarcasm included). I could bore you with the splendor of music’s greatest night but the simple truth is, it wasn’t. The once proud Grammys are following in the footsteps of award shows past and slowly becoming meaningless and quite frankly boring.

I want to state that before I rip the Grammys to shreds, I do in fact appreciate what they tried. There were a plethora of artists from generations past showing up and making cameo appearances. It was fantastic to see them dawn the stage again with a younger generation. It’s a good way to remind the world that these new artists are not borne alone; they are influenced by the artists who came before them.

I also appreciated The Grammys attempting to bring powerful, moving performances to my living room. There were Twenty-Three performances last night altogether, Twenty of which were these ballad performances. TWENTY. Now to make this point abundantly clear having some of these songs in the mix is a good thing. But when most of the songs were these mellow ballads you have a problem.

When you see a performance, you get excited, you want to sing, you want to dance, you don’t want to fall asleep because there is nothing exciting going on for hours! If The Grammys are supposed to be a recap of the best music from the last year, it just tells me 2014 was depressing as hell. I was disappointed that there were not some more upbeat and recognizable songs by some of these great artists. I was also upset by the lack of creative collaborations. We have seen Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons fuse genres to Eminem and Elton John uniting under a pro-gay banner on this stage. This year there was no genre defying collaborations, they were all safe bets.

That is what the Grammys felt like this year. A safe bet on trying nothing different and exciting and just following the routine of award ceremonies before it.  This upsets me the most because The Grammys aren’t chosen by calls or tweets or a mysterious third party to create buzz. For those of you that don’t know there is a panel of industry professionals who decide the nominations and the winners of these categories. So to see it copy the award ceremonies before it is truly hurtful.

If you are curious, check out the list of winners here. In the un-televised categories, some might surprise you.

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