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The Inverted ‘Devil’s Daughter’ Track By Track

994281_510659028988183_1623188989_nCheck out a track by track for The Inverted’s new album, Devil’s Daughter after the jump, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here!

Devils Daughter: I remember that when I wrote this song, I was not in a great frame of mind. This song is written out of pure hatred and regret about one person and how I spent so much time worrying about what she thought. So naturally when I figured out that she was just messing with my head for her and her friends’ own amusement, it pissed me off. I think this song pretty much explains how some people (and love in general) work. They can tell you one thing but mean something different. When you listen to this song, ask yourself, is it worth it to waste your time and energy to pursue something that will fail 99% of the time? Hell yes. Love is a battlefield!

Child: This was actually a very weird song for me to write because there are so many different meanings, and it’s hard to explain them all. It’s part hatred towards my generation’s mentality of “I don’t need my parents,” part thinking of my life and relationship with my parents, and young kids discovering that some people are just flat out horrible. The song is more or less a physical embodiment of a realization that kids are trying to grow up to fast and are surrounding themselves with problems that only adults should have to deal with.

Alone: This is a very sad and angry song about a girl that I was friends with who abused prescription medication. She had a horrible home life – her father was an abusive alcoholic and her mother was insane, and she couldn’t cope with it all. She ended up “moving away” from what the school said, but her parents were not together and had no money to move. I knew that she had actually died of an overdose. What made me feel so bad for her is that she had no one to help her kick her addiction and move past her broken home life. I tried the best that I could, but my endeavors bared no fruit. The beginning of the song is me wondering why she had to die, and why no one helped her. The ending of the song is actually spoken from the school’s perspective, by them saying “We feel bad for you and you are a good person, but frankly we don’t give a crap.

Ice Cream Man: This song is a twisted folk-like song about a murderer who masquerades as an Ice Cream Man and kills children who buy his ice cream. The story goes, that his son was killed and the town that they lived in didn’t aid in finding the man who was responsible. He went crazy from grief and decided to kill children in order to take out his revenge on the people that did not care to help him find justice. When he kills the protagonist’s beloved, the hero of the story sets out to find him; he eventually does, and confronts him to learn why he kills children. “He said it was some sick game of revenge, he told me that I wouldn’t understand oh you poor, poor man. He said he seeks to kill only one, for the death of his one and only son, and now he kills for fun.” I wrote the song because I wanted to test my writing ability and to tell a story. I also wrote the song for my uncle who is a folk enthusiast – needless to say he loves it.

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