The Joy Of Painting ‘Tender Age’ Track By Track

3600960964-1Check out The Joy Of Painting’s track by track from their new album, Tender Age after the jump, and purchase a CD here! Track by track written by Garreth Spinn.

High Definitions: This song I loved from the second I wrote it. We had a lot of trouble finishing it as a band. When Josh came into the fold, he slapped some sense into us and told us we were over thinking things. We simplified and came close to something that seemed finished. When the day came to track all the rhythm tracks (Guitar, drum and bass), we decided to record HiDef as a ‘demo’ and we just said “we’ll work on it for the next release.” We tweaked the arrangement a bit said ‘1, 2, 3, GO’ and bashed it out. What we heard the next day was way more exciting and fresh than we ever anticipated. Not only did we decide to put it on the record, we felt it was an excellent mission statement and opening track.

Dontchu Wanna: What a magical moment writing this song was. Late one night we decided to try something new. 2 hours later we were doing cartwheels around the universe. This song was a pretty nice emotional release for us. We’re all stuck in this weird time period, just after college where everything is confusing. This is the anthem for those people who’re in that same place.

Back to Romance: No bullshit here: The lyrics in this song are a reference to a How I Met Your Mother episode. We even give a nod to the theme song in the chorus. The goal with this song’s vibe was something like “That Thing You Do.” We didn’t quite nail that vibe but what we got was just as satisfying. Somewhere between “That Thing You Do” and “Earth Angel.”

Ghost: A very old song from my songbook. I was insanely hesitant to make this a JOP song, but after some coaxing and hearing a few song that flipped an arrangement light bulb in my brain, I conceded. It used to be a folk song, back in my rambling’ gamblin’ folk singing’ days. That obviously wasn’t going to work. So we turned it into a mid-tempo groove machine with synths and shit.

I’m Reelin’: We wrote this song as a band. Jammin’ it out. This is my favorite song. There I said it. I’m just proud that the five of us put our heads together and actually made a pretty snappy tune that actually sounds unique to the five of us. If you can’t get on board with those handclaps in verse 2, then the Joy of Painting isn’t the band for you. SORRY.

Good Mood: We re-recorded this song from our 2nd EP, Lighten Up. The reason we did that is because the song became a lot more popular than we expected and we knew we were gonna push Tender Age more than Lighten Up. So, we just wanted more people to hear this tune so they can feel good about waking up everyday.

I Didn’t Think: This tune came together very quickly. I don’t even remember writing it or really working on it as a band. It just came together. Josh walked in the day we were tracking, ready to record a guitar solo. None of us had heard what he had written and he fucking naaaiiillllleeedddd it. As far as the lyrics, when I said I don’t remember writing it, I really don’t. So when it came time to record it, I sort of realized how sad this song is. I don’t remember feeling anything like that when I wrote it. I think I wrote it for my future self, because I connect with it way more now than I ever did in the past. I hope all the 20-something’s out there hear this one and know you’re not alone. “I don’t want to be bitter, I want a heart of gold.”


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