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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Be Your Own Clock

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Often times, and especially when you are DIY, artists have deadlines they have to meet.

They have to have songs done in time for recording so they don’t waste time in the studio. They have to be on time for shows. They have to get the video out in time for the corresponding season. They have to book shows 5 months ahead of time. It’s crazy!

When I was recording the demos to my newest batch of singles, I was very concerned with timing. I was getting them done, but I wanted to put them out in time for certain times of the year- “SMR GRLZ” has the word “summer” in the title! I actually released this one on my own originally because I wanted it to be done in the summer, and I am so glad I took it down and waited till the next year.

The intro synth (which became one of my favorite parts of the song), wasn’t even in the original version of the song! It was a last minute thing I was playing around with, and wow, did it ever change the whole song. When I say last minute, I mean we had wrapped recording, and it had already been sent to mixing. I had been listening to the rough mix we did in the studio, and it sounded great, but it was missing something.

I was just messing around with the idea of a full dance remix, and I started by adding a synth. I heard it in the mix and had this “AHA!” moment. I sent to the mixing engineer and he was like “Dude yes!” so I had him add it in. If I had adhered to the formula, I would not even have the same song I have now. It was such a drastic change in mood. It was then that I decided I would never rush anything ever again.

I would finish when the song is done. I took the same attitude with videos, everything. Obviously don’t slack for a minute. Get it done, but never ever rush love.

Have you ever imagined what Katy Perry would sound like if she’d been raised on DIY punk rock ethos? If you have, you are halfway to understanding the force behind the pop punk of FRENCHIE!.

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