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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Change Is Your Friend

Have you ever felt like everything you worked for was in vain? Well, that’s how I felt in 2016. I had been with my girlfriend at the time for 6 years. I had a steady day job as a high school teacher. My band, Hombre Bestia, was playing better than ever and we had just released our second material, called Janus. Everything seemed to be just following a nice course. Going according to plan. Except one thing: I couldn’t write a single song. Routine had become such a part of me that I was inspired by nothing. At the time I didn’t know what was it, but now it’s clear. I needed change.

Coincidentally I broke up with my girlfriend and from there things went downhill for me. A series of complicated relationships, me not being able to compose a note and a dream that was starting to fade away. How could I become a musician if I could not write songs? If I didn’t have something to talk about? If I didn’t have a story? By mid 2016 I felt like a needed a break from that psychosis. It’s funny how now I see it as a stepping stone instead of crumbling floor. But at the time change felt like Hell.

My solution was going on busking around Mexico and later to Germany (my day job offered me that amazing opportunity). I met the most amazing people that second half of 2016. A Lithuanian girl pursuing her dream of becoming a pilot. A northern poet/cook/wanderer in search of a path (I even wrote one of the album songs, El Viajero, with him!). An Argentinian guy just finding his perfect spot for surfing. And later the first person to wreck my heart. All this stories made me realize that it’s ok to be lost and that knowing the future is impossible. There is only one thing that you can influence: being static or changing.

I learned so much during that year. I could finally write songs again. Songs that would become “Pretty Little Things That Fly Away”, my first solo release. And though they sound very different than Hombre Bestia, they are mine, and that is the important part. It does not mean you should transform into a lie. It means growing and taking what works for you. So I finally cracked the mystery. Change brings many things: instability, mystery and ultimately; discovery. So please, whatever you do, always embrace change.

“Y hablar de experiencias todos en armonía, de tabaco, cerveza y viento. En cada vibra hallar ideología, convertida en filosofía de vida”

Translation: “Talk harmoniously about experiences. About tobacco, beer and wind. Find ideas in each vibration. Transformed into life philosophy” – The Traveler, Music by Galar, Lyrics by Marcos P. Barrios.

Galar is a Mexico based singer, songwriter and producer that has been doing music since he was able to buy his first instrument: a bass guitar. After a year of traveling and changing, he began recordings for “Pretty Little Things That Fly Away: Chapter I” the first in a trilogy on experience, growth and change. It will come out on July 17th, followed by a 4 month tour.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I had so much fun writing this.

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