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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Patience

I have played in various musical projects for the majority of my life, some of those projects did better than others, but the main points of learning ring true for every band, regardless of skill or genre.

The main, and most important learning moment that happened for me, and this took quite a while to sink in, but it is critical, is that while playing music you have to learn to be very patient. Patience is a virtue that will never hurt you, but is unfortunately very difficult to manage sometimes. We all want to play the best gigs, go on the best tours, play with the bands we like, the clubs we want, and on and on and on. We want it all, and we want it now! This is understandable, people pour everything they have into writing and playing music, so it is natural that we want to advocate for ourselves to have the best. The unfortunate part of this, and this goes for any profession, your dues have to be paid. No one can skip rope before they can walk, and that is double true when you play in a band. You WILL have to start from the bottom, and while it seems counterintuitive, some of the best times you will have are playing the shittiest of dive bars with your best pals. You will play with a band that uses rain barrels and traffic lights in their sets (hey – if that is your thing, you do you!), and you will undoubtedly play to an empty room with a bored bartender staring back at you. If you are not willing to do these things, you might want to really reflect on what it means to play in a band at all – because it isn’t stadiums and tour busses for the vast majority of us. These experiences are how we bond, how we grow, and how we learn about not only ourselves, but also relationships in general. You can learn a lot about the people you are with, when the only place you have left to sleep is underneath your van, in a Texas Wal-Mart parking lot, in the middle of July. You learn how to support and help each other; you learn how to read people and to adapt to new situations – if you don’t, you might end up living in the same parking lot after your band mates ‘forgot’ you in the bathroom.

It is important to weigh your choices as a band carefully, doing too much too fast can also bring about the end much faster than you might anticipate. Be patient, play it smart, and good things will come. Set goals, and try and achieve them. Be courteous, be respectful, pay your dues, and be nice to your elders. 🙂

Elder Abuse (featuring ex-members of Daggermouth) is a band that plays fast catchy punk rock. Their roots are firmly planted in skate punk, hardcore, and pop punk. The results are fast and quirky songs for punks of all kinds. Not to be too taken seriously, Elder Abuse offers a touch of humor, nostalgia and, a fun experience in a 90s style that will make you want to spin the record over and over again.

For fans of: A Whilhem Scream / Lagwagon / Samiam / Leatherface



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