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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Staying True To Myself

The most important thing I’ve learned as both an artist and young woman is to stay true to myself. Growing up,
I always wanted to sing and perform for people one day. I began my musical journey in theatre, begged my parents
for guitar lessons, and wrote my first song when I was 12 years old. What I didn’t really know at that time was the
amount of work artists put in other areas outside of the music.

In this day in age, the artist’s identity is key for success in the music industry – and it can seem very daunting. We hear the terms “image,” “branding,” and “aesthetic” float around constantly, and many artists feel the need to change themselves in order to be popular or make a career for themselves.

About 4 years ago, I began working with a few people in the music industry who wanted to transform me into
the cookie-cutter popstar. I specifically remember that they wanted me to change my name – to make it more
memorable – and I thought to myself, “but I am Maggie Schneider, that’s me.”

They kept pushing the idea of giving me a different persona, and I actually considered it for a day or two. Somehow, I felt like I had to consider it because these people were professionals and found success before. I wanted to be in music no matter what, and my naivety made me forget that as the artist, I held the true power to fulfill my wildest dreams. Then, my mom sat down with me and asked if we could talk about everything. I expressed to her my feelings, as well as my concerns regarding this major change. I will never forget how she looked at me and said that the only person I should ever be is myself, no matter what career I choose. She told me not to let anyone change me into something I wasn’t because I was special the way I was. Immediately, I knew she was right, and proudly declined a new identity.

I learned from this experience to stick to my beliefs and remain true to who I am. To this day, I have maintained
the power in everything I do, and I strive to always be honest with my listeners. True artists never settle for
anything less than their visions – after all, this individuality gives music its magic.

Meet Maggie Schneider – a bright-eyed and bubbly new artist whose music and energy have not gone unnoticed in the Atlanta music scene. The singer-songwriter has been writing and performing for as long as she can remember and has no intentions of slowing down – in fact, this is just the beginning. Maggie has opened for nationally touring artists and bands such as State Champs, Reeve Carney, Dalton Rapattoni, and Like Pacific, and is thankful for all of the support she has received from friends, family, and her favorite artists alike. Maggie’s music is best described as fresh, honest, and open-hearted; her love of life and optimistic point of view shine through each word that she sings, no matter what story she is telling.

In May 2016, Maggie released her debut album, Insomniac. To her, the album is all about the importance of love and friendship. While these themes are still very prominent in the artist’s new music, it is undeniable that both Maggie and her songwriting have matured. Maggie’s new EP, Tinted Glasses (produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low) is all about what she has learned in the last two years about people, relationships, and of course, herself. She feels incredibly excited and blessed to be working with Rian, and hopes that this EP will impact listeners as much as writing the songs impacted her. It is a beginning of a new era, and Maggie is ready to share her story.

Keep up with Maggie by following her on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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