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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: The Impact Of Social Media

From the very beginning, everyone in Palatine Harbor has continuously been learning from our successes, failures, and opportunities. We started with something simple and of course, as most bands start, only thought that we had to produce good music for people to notice. We soon learned the importance of social media and how intense of an impact it makes on fans and their impression of you as a band.

Starting with Facebook, we learned it is crucial to spread the word to anyone who has interests in bands that seem similar in sound to you. From there, we learned that it is even more important to engage them in conversation as much as you possibly can. In doing so, it ensures that your name stays relevant to them, making them more likely to listen to your music and become a fan out of it as a result.

Next, we learned the importance of Instagram, another important part to reaching your fans. Similarly, we found the trick is to reach out to people who share common interests with you. By following them and engaging in conversation with them, they are more likely to go back to your page and engage with your band. From there, the next trick with Instagram is simple; create and produce fantastic art. Instagram is meant to visually stimulate the audience and keep them interested. The more stimulating the content you produce, the better.

The next platform we learned the importance of was Twitter. Using Twitter, you can establish deeper relationships with people in the music industry. Recently, Twitter has become a huge platform for one sole reason; saying thank you. By following important icons in the music industry, your name pops up in their notifications. If they do not follow you back, you have to think about it in a different light. Being said, I learned to develop the concept of “how many eyes there are in the industry.” This philosophy describes the idea of hope, where even if they ignore you, at least they saw your name. The more people of importance you add on Twitter, the more eyes you gather on your band, yielding more opportunities that could potentially emerge from it.

Similarly, this concept can also be used with the Google Calendar. As a band who wants to make it in the industry, we cannot stress the importance of making a calendar. Considering the more tasks a band has to accomplish over a short period of time, time management becomes an everyday skill. Utilizing a daily task sheet for yourselves and following it every day keeps everyone aligned and makes life as a band much more simple.

Palatine Harbor is a four-piece band from Cleveland, Ohio. Gathering roots from a variety of different genres, the four members combined their passion of melodic metal-core music to create the unique sound they have today.

In 2016, Nick Boker and Tony Helleis founded Palatine Harbor, with Jason Boone and Matt London Jarvis to join shortly thereafter. Palatine took a year to write music, perfect their sound, and build a studio, leading to the first EP release in 2017, Judged By What We Destroy.

“We play music simply because we appreciate the way music can reach out to someone in a variety of ways. It can express sadness, happiness, anger, love, and any other kind of emotion you can think of. That kind of freedom inspires us to keep persisting at this.”

To hear more from Palatine Harbor, you can stream their music here: Spotify | SoundCloud | BandCamp | YouTube

To keep up with the band, be sure to follow their socials by clicking the links in the story above!

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