The Musician’s Closet: Fall Out Boy

Another group fond of t-shirts and leather, Fall Out Boy is a leader in men’s too-cool-to-care fashion. Though they are growing a little older, they still manage to look effortlessly cool, with leather jackets, jeans, combat boots, and shaggy hair.

Pete Wentz, who plays bass for the band, has been credited for making makeup acceptable for straight men all over the world.  His trademark smudge of eyeliner (especially circa 2007) and emo haircut are both usually present every time FOB performs.

Patrick Stump,who sings lead vocals, is known mostly for his fedora-like hat and grungy t-shirts. Despite his disheveled appearance, he adds a lot to the band, style-wise. Where Pete goes for the emo look, Patrick’s style is more laid back.

Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley (guitar and drums respectively) both like dark colors (as does the rest of the band), and clothes that they could easily wear on the street. Trohman has sported a afro-like hairdo that defies gravity, and Hurley has a penchant for performing shirtless and wearing hoodies.

The guys from Fall Out Boy seem to be fans of a more laid-back, relaxed style, with some goth and emo influences thrown in.

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  1. Pete Wentz plays bass, not lead guitar.

  2. Thanks for letting me know- I’ll change it.

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