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The Musician’s Closet: Hayley Williams Of Paramore

1469863_10150349905789963_1409261077_nInfectious Magazine is thrilled to bring you a new series called The Musician’s Closet. The segment will highlight one artist each month whose outlandish stage costumes continue to capture audiences. Check out our first pick, Hayley Williams below.

Hayley Williams is most famous for her powerful vocals and vibrant hair, but her style onstage (and off) has to be noted when admiring her. She has changed styles so many times since the beginning of Paramore that it makes a fan’s head spin. There was the grungy, boyish phase in the early years, the “emo” years that the entire band seemed to struggle through in their teens, and now she is embracing bright colors, retro sneakers, and sometimes even very elegant dresses and blazers. She is combining a very youthful style with things that a young professional would wear. Of course, because it’s her,it absolutely works.

In the video for their popular single “Still Into You,” she wears very, very, bright articles of clothing, including something that looks like yellow neon candle wax, dripping down her legs. Because it’s Hayley, it’s acceptable. She is one of those women who can “pull off” most anything, including the ripped sweaters and white eye makeup of the music video for “Now,” a single off the new album. Onstage she pairs sparkly, tiny shorts with dark navy blazers on top of shirts that are no more than glorified sports bras.

Her style is something girls around the world have tried to emulate for years. She’s an incredible person, a spokeswoman for feminism, and her constantly-changing hair is a flame that fans are drawn to like moths. She will continue to be a fashion icon and role model for fans everywhere, and a talented performer to boot.

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