The Musician’s Closet: Lorde

lorde-cred-james-k-lowe-650-430There are many things you can learn from young singer Lorde, who will be turning 18 in November. You can learn about skyrocketing to stardom, you can learn how to not take criticisms harshly (because boy has she been picked on), and you can learn about style.

This gothic-chic girl rarely wears bright colors, and when she does, they’re rich accent colors, usually paired with basics, like black jeans, Doc Martens, and darker tops. Onstage, she doesn’t often wear ostentatious things, which one is thankful for if you watch her show. There’s enough going on – with her dancing and hypnotic vocals – without having to stare at an over-the-top outfit for the night.

She favors dark colors, like black, maroon, navy, and dark purple. Lorde also wears white and black pieces during her shows – you get the feeling that she likes to stick to things that will never go out of style. She likes sheer tops (typically black), black dresses and skirts, and occasionally white blouses paired with (you guessed it) black trousers or skirts.

When talking about Lorde’s look, you have to mention the hair. It’s wild and seems to have a life of its own. Yet somehow she gets it to not look frizzy, making her the envy of wavy-haired girls everywhere.

Lorde is partnering with Mac Cosmetics this summer to create a limited-edition cosmetics line. Because one of the senior stylists of Mac is helping the singer come up with her stage looks, it makes sense that they would come together to create a truly unique collection. From dark eye makeup with smoky shadows and heavy liner to dark lipsticks with deep, rich colors, the makeup will reflect Lorde as a fashion icon and risk-taking artist.

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