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The Musician’s Closet: MGMT

mgmt_oracular_spectacularThe boys of MGMT have styles almost as random as their songs. They can be grungy (with t-shirts that look like they were washed weeks ago, and leather jackets that are all but beaten to a pulp), colorful, (with sparkly headbands tied around their curly hair), and they can rock different colored highlights (Andrew), which is a feat in and of itself.

Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, the founders of the band, both have distinct styles, as does the rest of their live band. While focusing on the two, however, one realizes that Andrew (lead vocals) has a more flamboyant style than his co-founder, Benjamin. Andrew has had purple hair streaks, polka-dotted shirts, wigs, and even a tie-dye poncho.

Benjamin is a little different. Though he partakes in the silly style Andrew flaunts, sometimes, he gravitates more toward colorful, but fitted pieces. He has been on stage in florescent orange, but in the form of a blazer, and pink (an almost paisley pattern), which was also a sort of…dinner jacket, among others.

Off the stage, both boys seem to have a normal, hungover musician thing going on. But with all the prep that goes into their stage outfits, can you blame them?

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