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The Ostrich Farm: Combining Music And Charity To Create a Better Community

The Ostrich Farm: Combining Music and Charity To Create a Better CommunityThings happen when people come together under common ground. Music is one of the many types of art that gives people common ground to stand on. I remember the first friendship I made in college was formed after a conversation about Blink 182. Our Blink 182 adoration got the conversation started and a friendship was born. It is our dream to create something that can make way for friendships to be born through our band, Ostrich Run’s music and the efforts of our charity, The Ostrich Farm.

The Ostrich Farm’s main goal is to promote charitable organizations through the local talent in a community. We believe that smaller artists should be given the same opportunity to help their community as the biggest artists in the world. Right now, we are at the small beginnings of a much bigger idea that will give all local artists this opportunity. Ostrich Run and the events hosted by the Ostrich Farm are the “small beginnings.” Ostrich Run is the first band to “join the farm,” and it’s our hope to inspire others to do the same. We want to host events with other artists who are interested in promoting charitable organizations through their artistic talent. The “big future” of the Ostrich Farm is in a mobile app that will allow any artists, who have joined the farm, to host their own Ostrich Farm events. Since it is still being developed I won’t get into too much detail, but we are excited about the opportunity to use our music to help the local community as well as work with other likeminded musicians.

A lot of times I get questions about how the band and the farm are connected. The answer is simple. The Farm was started to give artists the opportunity to raise awareness and funding for charitable organizations. The band was formed to create common ground for people to unite through music toward a greater cause.

Our EP we have been working on is our first attempt at making songs that will get people excited about our vision. Through an emotionally diverse group of songs about love, loss, recovery, and overcoming boundaries we hope to create common ground for people to walk on, so that we can all move toward the overall mission of the Ostrich Farm.

Alternative indie rockers, Ostrich Run spread their feathers and show the world the sound of their hearts through their impassioned melodies and work with charities. This young duo is determined to make a difference in the world through music and philanthropy and will let nothing stop them while on the journey. Check out their music below, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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