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The Other Gig: How Your Favorite Bands Are Making Ends Meet

It’s no secret that making it big in the music industry is no simple task. Whether you’re striving to be in a rock band as big as Fall Out Boy or working towards being a Taylor Swift-like popstar, it takes years of hard work and dedication to reach even a fraction of their success.

And even if reaching worldwide fame isn’t an artists #1 priority, most musicians have one simple goal in mind at the end of the day: for their music to reach as wide an audience as possible, and to connect with the fans who support them.

To achieve this goal, many young artists stop everything they’re doing and devote themselves 100% to their craft. Right off the bat, you can probably think of 10 bands who got their start by dropping out of college, quitting their jobs, and beginning a touring lifestyle that brought them to audiences around the world.

But not every band achieves their goals in that way, and these are the bands we’re looking to highlight. We want to tell the stories of artists working minimum wage retail jobs, the ones serving food, and the ones studying every day to earn college degrees, all the while playing shows at night and recording music on their off-days. We want to bring to life the stories of artists working more than one job to make their music dreams a reality.

We also want to share the stories of artists who took on side-gigs after taking their music to the top; the artists who have multiple passions and spend their off days devoting themselves to a second craft.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing these stories through a new series “The Other Gig.” You can follow this series here on our home site and on our Twitter page.

If you relate to the artists described above and are interested in sharing your story, send an email to amandalk15@gmail.com

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