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The Pop Punk Summer: Recommended Bands To Check Out At Warped 2016

screen_shot_2015-12-15_at_5.09.51_pmWhen the Vans Warped Tour comes around, every punk across the country gets excited in anticipation of the lineup for the summer. This summer is no exception, as the lineup for the 2016 Vans Warped Tour is one of the best in recent years…as the majority of the bands in the lineup this summer are huge pop-punk musicians.  Although many of the bands included in the lineup are amazing, I’m here to pick out a few for you guys to check out on the tour. And trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are my top 10 recommended bands to check out this summer :


ROAM are newcomers to the tour and the pop punk scene in general, as it is huge for a band this new to be taking on the Vans Warped Tour. From signing to Hopeless Records and releasing their debut album, Backbone, in Jan. 2016 these UK pop punkers are ready to take over the stage this summer.

  • Recommended listening : “Hopeless Case” and “RIP In Peace”
  • Purchase Backbone here!

broadside9. – Broadside

Broadside hail from Richmond, Virginia and have  been successful in making a name for themselves in the scene. With their 2015 debut album Old Bones, and being named in the “Top 100 bands to watch in 2015” by Alternative Press, Broadside have gained a following and are ready to take on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

  • Recommended listening : “Playing in Traffic” and “Coffee Talk”
  • Purchase Old Bones here!

8. – KnuckKnuckle_Puck_-_2014_(620-400)le Puck

It seems that the best of pop punk thrive in the city of Chicago, Illinois… and that is where we can find the guys of Knuckle Puck. Influenced by great names such as Motionless City Soundtrack and Jimmy Eat World, Knuckle Puck gave it their all with their debut album Copacetic, released in July of 2015 via Rise Records. With various EP’s under their belt, growing fans and playing along the Vans Warped Tour 2015 for the first time, the band are returning to make the famous summer tour in 2016 that much better. Definitely a group you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

  • Recommended listening : “Pretense” and “Disdain”
  • Purchase Copacetic here!

waterparks7. – Waterparks

Another newcomer to the tour, the Houston, Texas trio that make up Waterparks are bringing excitement to the tour. From frontman, Awsten Knight‘s ever changing hair colors to the unique usage of synth and grit in their music, the band brings a lot of interesting aspects to the stages of Vans Warped Tour 2016 this summer.

  • Recommended listening : “Pink” and “Mad All The Time”
  • Purchase Cluster EP here !

ChunkNoCaptainChunk2013_633_461_70_s_c16. – Chunk! No Captain Chunk

French act, Chunk! No Captain Chunk are no newbies on Vans Warped Tour, as the past few years (2012 and 2014) they have been featured growing more and more crowds to their sets. Always a little nostalgia for the earlier tracks like “In Friends We Trust”, that light up the crowds ready for a singalong and a good time, as well as some new tunes from their 2015 album, Get Lost, Find Yourself. Getting to see these guys rock the Ernie Ball stage back in 2014 was an experience unlike any other, and super excited to see them come back again this summer for 2016!

  • Recommended listening : “In Friends We Trust” and “The Other Line”
  • Purchase Get Lost, Find Yourself or any cd here!

real_friends5. – Real Friends

Now, getting into the bigger names in the scene and on tour… no one else is quite like Real Friends. From their huge success doing a tour for just $5, to working on a new album… 2016 has been a good one for the band. Another set of Warped veterans and a new album entitled A Home Inside My Head coming in May of 2016 sets up Real Friends to bring quite a show to the stage this summer. And maybe some of your future favorite songs.

  • Recommended listening : “Late Nights In My Car” and “Loose Ends”
  • Purchase any cd here or pre-order A Home Inside My Head here!


4. – Crown The Empire

From their first Warped Tour playing a small set in the evening on Ernie Ball to playing to huge crowds a year later, Crown The Empire are returning this summer. With the 2014 release of their second full-length album,  Rise Of The Runaways, it has been all uphill for the guys of Crown The Empire. Touring alongside Issues earlier this spring, Crown The Empire always bring an enormous amount of energy to their shows. Dual vocalists Andy Velasquez and David Escamilla give it their all and seeing them rock the Warped stage once again this summer with their talent will definitely be memorable. The band will also be hosting a TEI Workshop, giving a chance for fans to participate in asking questions at certain dates along the 2016 Vans Warped Tour, so check that out here!

  • Recommended listening : “Johnny Ringo” and “Machines”
  • Purchase Rise Of The Runaways or any cd here!


State_Champs_3. – State Champs

Probably the most talked about band of the 2015/16 year, State Champs have been everywhere. From the highly anticipated release of their newest album, Around The World And Back which dropped in October, these New York natives have been taking on the world literally and figuratively. Bringing catchy lyrics and nonstop energy, vocalist Derek Discanio knows how to entertain a crowd and get a show moving and on their feet. From playing Warped Tour previous years, State Champs return for the 2016 run this summer will be one incredible event.

  • Recommended listening : “Secrets” and “Hard To Please”
  • Purchase Around The World And Back or any cd here!


NFG2. – New Found Glory

Named as the headliners for the tour, New Found Glory will be one of the huge highlights to grace the main stage of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour. Being one of the many huge pop punk bands on the tour this summer, New Found Glory will bring energy to the stage and their signature style in sound has often been labeled as  “catchy, riffy punk-rock”.  New Found Glory have been massive influences to many other bands and younger millennials in the scene, so expect huge crowds of fans and fellow musicians at their sets this summer!

  • Recommended listening : “My Friends Over You” and “Vicious Love”
  • Purchase Resurrection or any cd here!


good-charlottesum 411. – Good Charlotte/ Sum 41

I had to put these powerhouses as #1… due to that this tour will be both bands’ comebacks to the famous tour. With Sum 41 and Good Charlotte working on releasing new music in the next year, these veterans to the scene will be bringing in big crowds on their dates and it will be one hell of a show to witness.

  • Recommended listening: “Still Waiting”, “Hell Song”, “The Anthem” and “The Young & Hopeless”
  • Purchase a cd by Sum 41 here or a cd from Good Charlotte here!


If you have read this and still haven’t gotten your 2016 Vans Warped Tour tickets, make sure to purchase them here and get out to a show near you!

See you this summer!

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