The Rocket Summer To Begin Writing New Music

The Rocket Summer USE THIS

In a recent update, The Rocket Summer has revealed he will begin writing once his spring tour comes to an end. Check out the update after the jump.

I hope you’re well. I’m writing you while sitting on my floor, the XX is in the headphones and it looks like Can’t Hardly Wait is playing on the TV in the distance. I’m getting so pumped for this upcoming tour. This is a special one. I’ve been trying so hard to narrow down the songs for set list ideas and just when I think I’ve got it, I realize I’ve written down some 30 songs. Clearly I’ve still got some work to do there. We plan on each night being a celebration, being explosive, being honest. Escape and discovery is the goal. I hope you come out. A lot of music has been brewing in my head and heart lately that’s got me watchful and inspired. Once this tour is over I plan on diving head first into chasing the songs while continuing to explore and search for something great, something special and new, whatever that looks like and however long it takes. So make sure to not miss this tour because it’s looking like it could be a while before the next one.

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