The Sky Life ‘Caves’ Album Review

Music is an art form. A beautiful, intricate, expansive art form. When listening to Caves by The Sky Life, it’s almost too easy to imagine the music as the paint and airwaves that were once empty as the canvas.

Each track is lyrically masterful, especially “Stop Thinking,” with lyrics like, “[…] in an ocean of your thoughts and not their ideas/Now is all we have spend it with you love in and ocean of your thoughts and not their ideas for you.”

The album seems to delve into the emotions that many artists are only brave enough to briefly touch on: sadness, reflection, and recognition. Caves is a fantastic display of each member’s musical ability, but also of the band’s ability to relate to their listeners and to empathize with the ups and downs they face every day. But that’s what the album seems to be about: discovering the many facets of human emotion.

In the track “Feel The Same,” the pain and anger is almost tangible. There is also a desperation that is difficult to ignore. “Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t see the pain/Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel the same,” the song pleads. Along with the music, a picture is painted and while it may not be an image you want to see, it’s beautiful and intriguing.

“Thought” is the only song on Caves with no lyrics; a purely instrumental track that doesn’t last long enough, if I’m truthful. The melody is perfect; you just want to play it on repeat to pretend that it’s longer than it is.

“Son To The Seed” is melancholy and full of emotion, all of which begins a descent towards the end of the song. You feel yourself holding your breath, waiting for that huge moment where it reaches the peak and the emotion just spills over, but it never hits, it fades out. It’s like owning a book and the last two chapters have been ripped out, so you never find out what the resolution was.

Regardless, the album is well crafted and an irresistible example of what makes a classic.

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