The Story So Far (IL) Claim Name Rights Over The Story So Far (CA)

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The Story So FarChicago, IL based band The Story So Far, is claiming that they own the rights to the band name over the Walnut Creek, CA The Story So Far. You can read a statement from the Chicago based band after the jump.


So here’s the deal: As some of you may know, The Story So Far was a band Denis was in right after 88FL in the late 90s/early 2000s. There is now a new band using our name. While the band name itself isn’t terribly original, we (the band) own the rights to this name. On top of that, there has been some communication with their management about this, and the band are fully aware of what’s going on. They have used our songs, and whatever little recognition our band used to have, as a way to promote their own band. Check out anything on this band, especially iTunes and Spotify, and I’m sure our bio, tunes, etc. will be linked in. Unfortunately, none of us have the money it takes to fix this, although we did talk with a lawyer to try to get things rolling. If you have a chance, please like this page and spread the word. The music business is a fucked up place, and it blows my mind that things like this still happen. I believe we will be posting all of our tunes here, too. We may even try and find some of the demos we had done for the follow up to our Hopeless Records EP and post them. Thanks!

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